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Wedding Videos: Surrey & London

Each wedding unfolds a unique, enchanted story — a dance of timeless love and sparkling joy, painted against the canvas of life’s precious moments. And within these fleeting whispers of time, we craft a tapestry of memories, woven with threads of emotion, smiles, and the delicate beauty of love’s symphony.


We truly understand how special and important your wedding day is. Every couple brings something special to the table, and we're here to capture those magic moments and unique bonds. Whether your wedding is big or small doesn't matter to us - each celebration is treasured, and we give our all to make your memories last forever

With a solid decade of video production experience,  you can trust to meticulously capture your special day.


Our videos


Curious about our style? Take a moment to watch our showreel! It's a great way to get a sense of our creative approach and see how we tell compelling stories through video.


Mally and Kieran​

At this joyful wedding, the air buzzed with laughter and energy from guests immersed in the arts. The ceremony was a delightful blend of sweet, sincere vows and witty jokes, creating a tapestry of tears and laughter.

Karina and Mike 

As Karina and Mike were in the midst of planning a lavish destination wedding, they decided to have a sweet, intimate celebration in the UK first. This delightful ceremony was attended by a handful of cherished family members and their closest friends, creating an atmosphere that was as warm as it was exclusive.





Kat and her team take the time to get to know you, asking the right question and printing great ideas. The video feels very personal, special and very professional. The shots, the angles… every little details makes up the whole story and it can only leave you with a tear of happiness and emotion!!


We had Kat record our wedding in October 2023 in London. She did a fantastic job capturing loads of lovely moments. She was very discreet to the point that some of our guests did not even realised there was a videographer in the room. She edited and beautifully graded a short wedding wedding video for us for which she also used part of our speeches. We now have a beautiful vignette of that special day that makes us and our family tearful each time we watch it. Thank you Kat!



Kat created a beautiful and heart warming short video of our wedding. Ours was an Indian wedding and Kat connected with many people to understand what rituals were going on and captured so many beautiful moments. She also added a personal touch to the video by including a segment where our friends and family spoke about us and wished us luck! Thank you so much for capturing and stitching together such a lovely piece of work

Wedding Table Arrangement



Bronze Package

  • 1 videographer

  • 1 camera

  • 1 venue

  • 2-4 hours coverage

  • 90 seconds highlights video

  • 2-3 minutes wedding video


Short Film

Silver Package
  • 2 videographers

  • 2 cameras

  • Filming from Ceremony until up to a half-hour after the First Dance

  • Drone shots, weather and local regulations permitting

  • 90 seconds highlights video

  • 4-6 minutes wedding film covering the most important moments

  • Edited Speeches

  • Social media reel (30 seconds)


Feature Film

Gold Package
  • 2 videographers

  • 3-4 cameras

  • Filming from Bridal Preps until up to a half-hour after the First Dance

  • Cinematic Video Shoot

  • Interviews with the couple

  • Interviews with 4 family members

  • Drone shots, weather and local regulations permitting

  • 90 seconds highlights video

  • 7-10 minutes wedding film covering all important moments

  • Edited Speeches

  • Edited Ceremony

  • 4 social media reels (30 seconds)


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