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Our videography service is ideal for newly engaged couples who wish to mark the occasion with a special couple shoot or a celebratory party. Whatever your cultural background we have the experience to create something that captures you at your best and reflects this momentous occasion. Our filming service is available throughout the UK and our style of work is very natural ensuring our clients feel at ease. Every project is planned with the couple beforehand so you can be sure we create the very best work we can for you. On the day our videographers work in a very discreet observational way so that you can relax and completely enjoy the moment. At FilmFolk we're always keen to create a film that will impress our clients and reflect their unique personality.


The process is really simple and easy. You send us the media that you want to be edited, and we can get them cut into a really enjoyable short film for you, that you can share with an entire family or on social media.

We can edit out all the shots of people’s feet (unless that is what you want, no judgement), the wobbly shots, and bits where the camera was left running. We have excellent examples of our previous home video edits below. 

Get in touch


Drop us a line and tell us what you have and how many minutes. Let us know which scenes and pictures you like best and let us do our magic

Upload your footage to our drive or share a link with us on the cloud. Your data and footage is safe and secure with us


Enjoy Your Film

Once we have a full edit we send over a draft for you to review online before going ahead with the final production. 

Download the final version of the video, or use the private link we give you to share it online. 




  • WE TAKE: Up to 30 minutes of your un-edited digital video footage

  • WE PRODUCE: An edited video of up to 90 seconds - ready to be shared on social media or sent to family and friends  

  • TURNAROUND:  Up to 5 working days

  • MUSIC - Royalty-free soundtrack included 



  • WE TAKE: Up to 120 minutes (2 hours) of your un-edited footage. 

  • PRODUCE: An edited short film of up to 5-10 minutes

  • MUSIC: Royalty-free soundtrack included 

  • TURNAROUND:  Up to 8 working days



  • Children grow up so fast, and it is really easy to miss all those special moments and 'firsts'. Luckily, now you can make sure that those special moments are not lost

  • You send us up to 30 min of unedited footage every month 

  • We produce a 5-10 minutes short film and a 90 seconds highlights video every quarter

  • We will coach you to take great home videos and give you feedback on your shots, so that you can improve each time

£145 per month

Would you rather prefer an individually structured package?

Please fill in the form below and we will come back to you with a tailored quote that fits your needs.


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Opening hours: Monday - Friday  09:00 - 17:00
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